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Welcome To The Neighbourhood Joint

The first cannabis retailer to install a pneumatic tube system within their store in Ontario

With our knowledgeable and friendly bud tenders, we can provide for those searching for new experiences or just wanting a familiar feel. From High THC premium flower to CBD topical and everything in between, The Neighbourhood Joint is perfect for enthusiasts and novice cannabis users alike.

Uniquely equipped with a pneumatic tube system, customers are able to shop in an aesthetically pleasing environment with speedy service. This low-key cannabis store has a fascinating system of piping from Eagle Pneumatic Inc. that carries orders from its basement to its cash registers.

Bear - In-Store Dog CBD Product Expert

Happy To Join The Community

The Family
That's Part Of Your Neighbourhood

Both independent and family owned, The Neighbourhood Joint is an embodiment of the community it serves and it is dedicated to give back to the community.

Why Pneumatic Tubes?

We had to think of a way to bring the product up, which would have been a nightmare for staff running up and downstairs.

An Ode To Toronto's History

That brief and fascinating time in Toronto’s history when more than 4,500 metres of pressurized pipes ran beneath the city’s streets — except in this day and age, it’s transporting Msiku Nova Glue (26 per cent THC), not mail.

Won't You Be Our Neighbour?

Whether you’re interested in high THC premium flowers or want to try CBD topicals, our dispensary can help and we welcome both experienced users and those looking to try something new.

What To Expect At The Neighbourhood Joint

No matter what your needs are, we’ll be sure to make you feel right at home.

Experienced Budtenders

Our budtenders have tremendous experience and are well-versed in every type of cannabis products.

Quiet Shopping

Our click & collect kiosks are designed to make every customer feel welcome!

Meeting with Growers

Check our Event Schedule (coming soon) to see when growers will be in store to share their knowledge!

First Timer? Experienced?

Our budtenders will guide you through your first journey or find you a new strain you haven't tried yet!

Excellent Service

Our budtenders take great pride in ensuring you leave with products and knowledge.

Loyalty Program

Coming soon! We'll offer customers the opportunity to amass points, attend events, and more!

Where To Find Us

Our Locations

The Beaches
1987 Queen St. E. Toronto, ON M4L 1J1
(416) 686-8676

East York
1064 Coxwell Ave East York, ON M4C 3G5
(416) 792-0466